Snippets of Me

Business Consultant by the day, Entrepreneur by the evening, Aspiring Writer through all seasons of the year.

Tiny human who is car crazy, chaser of adventures and lover of dogs  – with multifaceted passion spots – believes Compassion is a must-have among all emotions, swears Meditation is the greatest blessing ever, calls Travelling the best way of liberation, and has pledged her eternal love for books and books alone.

I can’t quite place when my love affair with words started. All I can say is that I’ve always been fascinated by them even from my tree-scaling scallywag days. Literature was what I wanted to learn. Journalist was what I aspired to become. Neither of it fell through when life’s drama panned out in front of me.  This is my humble attempt to start anew. To be the writer I never became…

It is said that Words you speak reverberate through ears; the ones you write, through aeons…
And that’s what I want to do..
To say things that stay, even if those are tidbits of random madness.

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