How to convert a perfectly secular state to a religiously polarised one, in 10 steps

Step 1 : Advocates who are in bed with Sangh Parivar, file a petition to lift the restriction of temple entry to women in Sabarimala. The Central government influences their court stooge of a Chief Justice (& Co) to give a positive verdict. The ban is struck down (which also aligns with the fundamental rights of a citizen, and hence doesn’t raise any eyebrows constitutionally as well). Supreme Court Chief Justice retires immediately after.
Step 2 : BJP makes Trupti Desai & Co declare their imminent arrival to Sabarimala.
Step 3: Believers across the state tremble in fear for the bachelorhood of Lord Ayyappa. #Readytowait floods the social media. ‘Save Sabarimala’ banners decorate FB profile pictures.
Step 4 : Rahul Easwar & Co starts their TV battle to “save Ayyappa” from the untouchables – ‘menstruating women’.
Step 5 : BJP starts protesting on the streets against the verdict, “to save their god” (as absurdly funny as it sounds!).
Step 6 : The large Hindu population in Kerala look up to BJP as their saviour, who “stood up for their god”. (Oh the irony!)
Step 7 : Neutral votes, some Hindu Congress votes and majority of Hindu Communist votes start getting magically converted to BJP votes.
Step 8 : Thanks to the palaces and kings who still have a say in the sociocultural matters of 21st century, a petition is filed for a review of the Court verdict.
Step 9 : Post some dramatic scenes the new Chief Justice & Co overturns the verdict [under the influence of central government (?)].
Step 10 : More neutral and Hindu votes turn into BJP votes, BJP being their “god’s” only saviours, their knight in saffron shining armour.
Religious polarisation of a perfectly secular state, complete. Thanks to gods that need human saviours!

11 thoughts on “How to convert a perfectly secular state to a religiously polarised one, in 10 steps

  1. Crislamisation has already has carved bad into the ill minds and weaker minds of the Holy country,. With pseudo seculars and libtards this country is on the verge of facing consequences similar to Syria,Yemen.. Even the Almighty feels sad for such creation..

    Tamil is mother tongue, english is father..


  2. I think the title should have been How to tear apart the secular veneer of a state to show its actually communal reality, in 10 steps. Beautifully presented line of thought, though. 🙂


  3. The new chief justice Ranjan gogoi is someone among those who criticized nda backd misra.
    So how can he tune to NDA wishes.??

    Also an ordinance parliament cannot make a law that change a verdict based on the fundamental rights. Can it??


    1. Yes, I agree.. Kindly be informed that this is just mostly a figment of my imagination and I don’t mean it verbatim 🙂 Just wanted to put across the fact that BJP has played dirty politics in Kerala too..


  4. I was thinking the exact same thing…. It’s really sad to actually be able to know how one of the only bastions of freedom is going to be destroyed….. And to feeling of utter helplessness to do anything but to see it unfold.. Sad reality of the changing demographic of India into a religious extremist state


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