The Malayali mind

Today while on the road , I was caught in a tiny hold-up. Something had happened and the cars weren’t moving. We saw some people leaning over a bridge and talking in hushed tones. While my car was stalled I asked one of the passersby what was happening, and he replied in a rather amused tone, “A guy and a girl jumped into the lake” and he topped that up with a chuckle and a glint in his eyes. And my immediate thought was, if a guy had tried committing suicide all by himself, would this person’s tone still be the same. Or would he have the alarmed and concerned citizen’s voice that said, “You know, a guy jumped into the lake!”. Knowing the society that i’ve grown up in, i’m almost sure that would be the case. So why is it always a thing of amusement when anything concerning a couple happens? Be it friends, lovers, spouses or siblings, it is automatically assumed to be an ‘illicit’ relation, it is immediately judged. I wonder, with what kind of predicament would the insinuations, suggestive tones and lewd remarks actually start to fade? Apparently even something as serious as suicide doesn’t make the cut.

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