Trifles of life….

Written on 30 July 2011

Of late, I try to find happiness in things that are trivial to most people, the lesser joys of life… I like to laugh out loud just after waking up, thinking of the funny dream I had the night before…  I love the joy that I experience when I hear a song that touches my soul n I can’t stop myself from listening to it, even while taking a shower… I like to smile to myself while in kitchen thinking of having a ‘gulab jamun’ just after breakfast… I love the way my heart yearns to hear my baby cousin’s voice over the phone, from thousands of miles away… I get ecstatic while playing Xbox and I kick Superman’s ass… I relish the fact that I am able to squeal with laughter while watching a hilarious video that my friend posted on FB, and my eyes fill up… I adore the satisfaction I attain when I go ballistic while some random guy overtakes my car rashly, and I race him till I give him a dose of his own medicine… I feel genuinely touched when I cook dinner and my friends lick the vessel to the very bottom… I jump with joy when I check out India’s score and they are on their way to victory… n I feel at peace when I slump down on a couch reading a book of my choice while listening to the pitter patter of raindrops kissing my window sill … I literally revel in such trifling joys that every day throws my way… for, the greater pleasures of life do not seem to be part of my life’s dictionary; they never were… Some stories are poignant… They have only melancholic chapters… the protagonist knows not what true happiness is… But then again a question arises… how do you define true happiness… When you are truly happy, who knows, may be your perception about happiness might take a leap and transgress uncharted territories……

One thought on “Trifles of life….

  1. Loved this. Real happiness is in small things and not in big. True happiness is enjoying each moment and I dont think there is anything greater which you are missing. Keep writing dear…..


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