The year that transpired.. its aftermath..

Written on 1/1/2012

The past year had been nothing but a bag of shit dropped right at my door step time after time… If the year had to offer anything that could be categorised to be in the range of atleast mediocrity, I would have been mighty pleased.. But no, I had to scoop up all the shit that was thrown my way, and put on the world’s best act as if all is bright in sunny paradise.. Well, let bygones be bygones.. However, the year did have a few milestones from my life’s point of view.. For one, I transformed to an agnost, which came as quite a shocker to those who thought they knew me well… Though the decision might have been discerned as kind of untoward and sudden to those around me, I would barely call it spur of the moment.. It seemed like I was living in a pseudo belief for a long while, my head clamoured with all that was told to me over years, till I stopped and put my foot down at some point from where on my views and perceptions have been evolving.. And also, I have stumbled upon quite an enlightening fact that pessimism works the best, and that’s my way forward.. You give in your cent percent in whatever you do, expecting that in all probability a favourable result might NOT ensue.. So whichever way the wind sways, you wont find yourself in a predicament where in you are disappointed and distraught.. And my action plan for the year that kicked off today is that I am going to hold on tight to my perceptions and decisions however bonkers they may sound.. 😀


P.S. : Those of you who find the above words offending, kindly ignore the note.. 🙂


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