Everything happens for the good, does it really?!?

Written on 5 Aug 2011

I have heard time and again from a myriad of sources, “Everything that has happened, that happens, and that will happen, are for the good”.. All my life I have tried to believe these words, and whenever I couldn’t, I would delve deep to unearth reasons to believe it..or even concoct and manipulate the implication of events happening around me, to vindicate this particular saying.. Now I think, why did I try so hard for it? Only to let life take me through a maze of ambivalent thoughts and bring me to this juncture where I think of the same from an entirely different angle..?!? There are people who have experiences in their life wherein they feel, everything was preplanned..everything has a purpose, even the most minuscule of events in their life is destined..and that their life itself is a long winding string connected by a number of disconnect joints, which all make sense only when u stare at it from a distance, ie after a long period of time..and then, you see the bigger picture.. Though I was an ardent follower of the idea for years on end, I now have a disparate opinion.. I feel life is just a gigantic clutter of strings and joints, connected to each other in diverse permutations just ultimately resulting in event after event in each of our lives.. Don’t you think this is less of a non-sequitur than the above said?? I believe all of our lives are interconnected and each minute action a person takes influences the result of a zillion things happening in the world, 99.99% of it without him even knowing it.. I believe that infinite number of erratic things occur in this world in an utterly chaotic manner the control of which none of us wield, and the aftermath of each ‘connection’ is sometimes good, otherwise bad.. When the repercussions are favourable, we use the above saying and justify it, if not we just pacify ourselves with, ‘Something better is yet to happen, and hence it turned out like this’.. Food for thought, ‘Are we being too optimistic with life rather than accepting the fact that SHIT HAPPENS that too quite often; there is just no rationale or reasoning for it!’


P.S: It also means that just because shit has happened a 1000 times, it does not serve as a guarantee that it would not happen for a 1001st time!!

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