Villain in disguise

Written on 18 April 2014

Over past 2 days the print, visual n social media have been flooded with details of how a heinous crime was committed against a mere 4 year old by a young man goaded by his carnal needs.. He went to the extent of committing 2 ruthless murders without so much as a second thought.. The more unfathomable part is the fact that the one who abetted the crime was none other than the child’s own mother.. The fact that a woman who gave birth n took care of the child for 4 years could be complicit in murdering the same child is beyond belief for the whole of humanity itself.. Everyone is cluelessly wondering how she could even form such a thought in her head.. Questions like “why cudnt she just get divorced n get married to the guy”, or “why cudnt she just run away with the guy leaving the child” etc have been running rampant.. Why did the child have to pay such a high price for the waywardly desires of her mother n her lover, is something I’ve been hearing ppl wonder over with no apparent answer in mind.. And all that keeps popping in my head as an explanation to this inexplicable conundrum is the fear of societal nonconformity.. They were so afraid of not complying to societal norms that they thought it better to commit 3 gory murders and try to get away with it inorder to fulfill their dream to be together.. How else can u explain them not taking the normal route of getting divorced and remarrying instead of venturing into such dark waters.. Guess the possibility of bringing on the wrath n ridicule of the society might have made them think the ignominy of it is unthinkable compared to the pain to be endured and mental strength required to kill one’s own child.. Without overlooking the fact that the crime they committed deserves no justification watsoever, I’m still appalled as to how much pressure the society n moral policing has an effect on each individual’s lives… Even to the extent of literally turning many people’s lives overnight into nothing less than a living hell… N noone ever thinks abt the real question; are the only culprits Mrs.Anushanti n Mr.Nino Mathew.. ?!



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