A whiff of bliss

That’s the thing about friends.. Friends are like coins, the older they are, the more valuable… And there is nothing like catching up with an old friend after years.. After the awkward starting trouble to get talking, u reach the point of rambling jabber abt ur exciting new lives, what has changed over the years and then the back-when-stories of good old times start tumbling out.. U laugh over the inanities of the past n the long-forgotten jokes n u feel so much at home that u almost get teleported back in time.. And along the conversation, u stumble upon those wee moments that get u reminded where u were at one point in time, n where u have reached now.. How much life has taught u in terms of what’s important n wats not.. Who really matters n who shud be given the middle finger.. The difficult roads u chose, the thorns, the pebbles n the milestones on the way, and more importantly the transcension from naiveté n petulance to self-esteem n confidence..  It is like a flashback of ur past decade with just the highlights playing… N along that movie in ur head u feel these infinitesimal whiffs of bliss that makes u feel pride, mirth, n hope.. All owing to the fact that u r resplendent with the wisdom that the past is to be cherished, n it doesn’t possess the power to mar ur heart anymore.. That profound thought is what brings the whiffs of bliss.. Makes ur mind invincible.. Makes u feel free within.. Gives u wings.. N I’m just grateful for those tiny slices of happiness that was brought my way today.. 

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